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1. What is the USGA’s commitment to the Town of Brookline to establish a Priority Program for local businesses?
2. Who is the USGA working with to define the Priority Program?
3. What is the Open Works Program? How does a business or individual get involved with the U.S. Open?
4. What type of business opportunities or labor/employment opportunities exist in the Open Works Program?
5. What is the USGA doing to address supplier diversity?
6. I am looking for part-time work. How do I get involved with the U.S. Open Championship?
7. How will the U.S. Open impact my local business?
8. What is the economic impact a U.S. Open has on the local and regional communities?
9. Can I use the U.S. Open, USGA, and/or The Country Club’s logos for advertising or publicity for my business?