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1. Who can register to vote and how old do I need to be?
2. When do we have elections? What type of elections do we have? Do I need to register for regional, state and federal elections at a time or just once for all of them?
3. Why is it important for me to vote?
4. What’s the difference between a City and a Town?
5. Who can run for government in Brookline? How can I participate in government in Brookline?
6. What are boards, commissions and committees?
7. How old do I have to be to participate in boards, commissions and government meetings in Brookline?
8. What is Town Meeting? What are Town Meeting Members? What does a Town Meeting Member do? Who are the Town Meeting Members in Brookline? In which Precinct are they located? Can I contact them?
9. How old do I have to be to run to be a town meeting member in Brookline? Can anyone apply? How can I apply to be a town meeting member? How can I participate in Town Meeting?
10. Can 16- or 17-year-old residents vote or run for government?
11. What’s a Precinct? What’s a Majority-Minority Precinct?